Seeded Macaron- A plant-based gourmet cookie!

Have you heard the great news?

Caked By Pat has officially launched the very first Vegan Macaron Brand, on July 7th 2020.  I am so excited about it, and many vegans and macaron lovers everywhere will be too! The plant-based macarons are made from aquafaba (a liquid base from chickpeas), almond Flour, sugar and air! [*Click the online shop link below to see the full descriptions.]

Currently, the flavor varieties offered are:

Birthday Cake

"Biscoff" Butter

Red Velvet

Cookies N Cream

Caramel Apple

Moringa Coconut-Lime

Strawberry Creme

It has been a passion of mine to bring you beautiful desserts for everyone to enjoy! 

Launching this vegan product line is a dream come true. I'm so proud to do it here in Atlanta!