Caked By Pat's Policies and Procedures

Caked By Pat strives to provide excellent customer service to all our clients. In order to operate in an efficient and effective manner, policies must be in place to ensure that your cake experience with Caked By Pat is what is expected. 


All cake deposits and/or final payments made to Caked By Pat are non-refundable.  In regards to a cancelled cake order (either by the customer or Caked By Pat), this will be determined under our discretion and scheduling. 72 hours prior notice is required to consider any cancellation/ refund.


Cake design suggestions are appreciated. Images are only used as a guide. You may submit cake photos for inspiration, but please note that Caked By Pat does not replicate any of our own cakes nor those from other bakers and cake designers. You will get our interpretation of what design elements are discussed.   The best cakes come from creative freedom.


 We do not accept rush orders, respectfully. 7- 15 days notice is now required for every cake order. However, cupcake and macaron orders maybe available for a last minute order with a $50 Rush Fee. 


Caked By Pat strives to provide delicious secured cakes which are prepared for transport via vehicle (for up to 1-2 hours of driving). Damages CAN NOT be repaired once your order is out of Caked By Pat's possession. We are not required to repair any damages once you have possession of your cake order. You must handle your cake with care.  Drive with air conditioning on, and do not leave cake in car unattended. Never leave your cake in direct heat. Do not travel with cake in your trunk, and do not attempt to fly with the cake. 


After you've picked up/received your cake, keep it cool for up to two hours prior to cake cutting time. Please remove all plastic/ floral decorations before cutting and serving. Please consume your cake on the day you cut into it- enjoy!